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Please note that when completing your shopping cart order, there are set quantities allowed for each different type of item. You cannot order mixed or alternate quantities, nor can you order mixed designs in one set. Less than minimum quantities is not allowed. Also, note that a limited number of color options are available for some items. If color-matching is required, an additional charge will be added to your order and may not appear on your online order. We cannot guarantee a perfect color match. If you have any questions regarding color options, please contact us.

Our shopping cart contains all options for completing and submitting your order, including quantity desired, color options, etc.

Additional colors: Additional color charges will be added to your order if you choose more than the basic options. For example, if an item is described as being clear polyester material, and you choose a background color (such as blue) and a font color (such as white), an additional color charge is incurred. If you choose a background color and clear font, an additional color is not incurred.

A text box is provided for you to enter any specific information regarding copy, images, etc. If you do not have artwork or a design, please include your instructions in the text box. We will provide a design copy for your approval prior to production.

Simply check all options desired for your decals or stickers. Some options have drop-down lists with multiple choices to choose from, while other options are limited to radio buttons or check boxes. Each option chosen may add an additional charge to the base price. Carefully review your selected options before selecting the "Complete Order" link at the top of the cart page. When you click on "Complete Order," another screen will appear with questions regarding payment and shipping information. Be sure to complete all required information. You will receive a confirmation email when your order has been received. As always, thank you for shopping Cardinal Decal Co.!

To submit artwork or digital files for reproduction:

If you have a digital file of your logo or artwork:

  • Zip the file and send it as an attachment in an email note to [email protected] (please reference your online order number,) or
  • Be sure the digital image is saved as a jpeg, bitmap, pdf, or Adobe Photoshop file format. We prefer PDF or jpeg images.
  • If we request a copy of the image be supplied on a disk, we will supply the information necessary for submission. This information will be communicated to you via email.

If you have printed artwork or an existing decal:

  • Send a copy of the printed artwork or existing decal to us, referencing your online order number by US Mail to Cardinal Decal Co., P. O. Box 1430, Grundy, VA 24614-1430.
  • Be sure to let us know if you want your artwork returned.
Color Matching:

If you need your items to exactly match the color of your artwork or decal, please request PMS color matching on your order and provide the Pantone color number. Perfect color matches cannot be guaranteed. Otherwise, items will be produced as closely as possible using the standard chart of colors.

Magnetic Photo Frames

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